i can touch the sky
when i do feel the moment
of our love, our deep love

this love is a miracle
miracle of the universe
so deep inside of our hearts

i see you and i believe
you are sent from god
to my heart and to my soul

i fly with you over the sky
the heart beats are never silent
we need are our never ending love

when i feel your skin
is as a storm in my body
when i see your love
clear in yours eyes
then i get wings

With the wings of love
you take me away from the hole
and i fly with you into the sky

We will never give up this love
because we need this
with you i learned to love and live

I'm lost without you
Only you can save me
Therefore I beg you
to never send me away

because without our love, i am lost
lost in deep black hole of tears at
and you're the only one who can save me
has saved a long time ago

i love you more than words can say
and i never give up this wonderfull love
this love is that what we so need

i need you...