When I think of you then I will warm your heart
my eyes shine, and my pulse runs
I only have one thought and you shall
oh say it, Do you believe me?

My thoughts are yours
I want to join me in love.
In my stomach is flat and fine
I will forever be yours.

Thoughts of the life estate
through them you get often courage.
If you are not there, then I do not have what
and my eyes are often wet.

Love can rule my life
because it will never become obsolete.
Our love, delicate and fine
should always be something special.

With all the strength I will live it
around you to love intensely.
The thoughts help me
if I can not be with you.

As often as I have them every second
the reunion is our moment.
Then I forget about
because to think in your area is very difficult.

I love you with all my thoughts and heart
and for every burn loving thoughts to the candles.
Then the world is full of bright light and
and my thoughts will be with you.

Every thought is a declaration of love to you,
always the only one you and I and
do not forget it ....