Express to the heart

Thundering through the night as an Express
You've made you into my heart ...
The wheels turn easily and quickly
and my soul flies to you in the wind.
When I feel that thunder as the earth quakes
something like with you I have never experienced.
The Express rattling thunder across the tracks
I love you in a miraculous way.
The Express rages on in my heart
will always feel your love, without pain.
You were and will always be my life,
express the love goes a long.
The tracks of my love are your goals,
Always stay on these tracks
I just want to travel with you these feelings.
Clouds, the train leaves behind, he resists the winds,
do you know that my world were nothing without you.
Unrestrained he dashing, hazards, turbulence
our love and the feelings are the consequences.
The moon shines brightly at night ..
a break is not made for our love.
This journey will never find the end
our hearts are firmly connected.
In the Express to the heart I'll take you place
for thou art with me ... I say it in one sentence:

In the Express to the heart you're the captain
and I'll see your love in your eyes
and never go back from you ...

Take me by the hand and believe me,
because ..