Like clouds in the sky

My path leads me to a world I never met and yet it is beautiful.
This world is new to me and now I have arrived. But the road seems stony to be, but I'll let him because I have no other choice.

The clouds go their way and they do not know where to go and yet they know it is the right way ... with clouds in the sky

I sense a strange power, a sense of magic to feel everything deeply leaves. This power takes me into my new world, a world in which I not without you will be. The only thing I can do is to listen to my heart, like the clouds to the wind if they are to the sky.

Just like the clouds and I do not know my way ... they fly to the sky and I with you The clouds with the wind and I for the love of heaven. Your love

Some days, driven by a storm in me to mischief and I'm afraid I
to lose him and then if I can not then I look in your eyes only
and then the clouds ... the clouds drag their way quietly and gently, they go quietly with a magical power that makes the sky so vivid.

The clouds go their way, because it is the right ... and I'll go with you, for it is the right ... the clouds in the sky and I by your side ...

fly as long as the clouds, as long as I am your ...